The veterinarian has today confirmed that Lykkedal's Jazz To Qupios (Tes) is with puppies. We are lucky to be allowed to use the beautiful male dog Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry (Vito) by Per and Zita Ahlehoff . We expect the puppies come in week 30 2018

Dyrlægen har i dag bekræftet at Lykkedal’s Jazz To Qupios (Tes) er med hvalpe. Vi har heldig at få lov at bruge den smukke hanhund Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry (Vito) af Per og Zita Ahlehoff. Vi forventer hvalpene kommer i uge 30 2018 

Ahlehoff's No Woman No Cry (Vito) Owner: Per og Zita Ahlehoff

Lykkedal's Jazz To Qupios (Tes)